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Sweatshort & skirt BY SleekVic

Has everyone already gotten the skirts and shorts? Who doesn’t , do it sooner. We e said goodbye to cold, I found out ))) It’s time for cool spring outfits.

All girls are i love with skirts, but confidently continue to wear jeans))) Comfortably, habitually, I know) Because I’m not an exception)

But to create a comfortable outfit with a skirt is quite realistic.
A little secret, you should be comfortable in this skirt. Measure, think how long you are suitable, the outfit in what style you would like to create, with what you can mix the chosen skirt, so that you get a stylish look
My outfit was born very spontaneously)
My super cozy sweatshot from GIRLYPLACES why it couldn’t be supplemented in any way, so that it turned out perfectly, as I love )
And with different jeans experimented, and with a pleated skirt and boots … Everything is not bad .. but not that)
Once, walking with my friend in the mall and saw in the shop window A-shaped denim skirt.
I say, I have the same kind, velvet only. Cool, says my friend. Why you don’t wear it?
A good question, I thought, came home and created this outfit )
Search for an alternative to jeans you need, although sometimes you do not want to …
And shopping, it’s not always a waste of money. Sometimes it’s just a reminder that in your wardrobe and so everything is fine )

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